Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Sabie Park/Kruger in February

Carol finished her cycle of six months of chemotherapy on the last day of January. It really has been very tough for her. After each session she was really ill for between four & five days, then she would have two weeks of more normal life, before the whole process starts again. It really was debilitating for her. Constant trips to see the doctors in Al Ain, lots of people sticking  countless needles all over your body. No joy at all. So we decided to have a family holiday at our home in Sabie Park. 

Looking from one of several vantage points 
from Sabie into Kruger Park.

We gave Carol a few days recovery after treatment, & then Nicci, Justin & the kids flew out to Abu Dhabi & we all continued to South Africa.

Our little, big car!

Peaches getting ready to travel, 
complete with headphones & chocolate!

There were six of us, so we had to hire a bigger car, the problem was it wasn't that large! Justin did a fantastic job packing all the luggage into the back & everywhere else for that matter! Then we fastened the two kids in their child seats & we were off!
The drive was a good one, the countryside looked green & lovely. February is a great time to be in South Africa. We did our shopping & arrived at the house in daylight. It was fantastic to be there! Carol & I gave our bedroom to Justin & Nicci, so they could be near the kids. We opted for the external bedroom for a little more quiet & privacy. Carol had travelled well, but she was tired. It was nice to be home though, sitting outside listening to the sounds of an African night.
Nicci & family were with us for around ten days, then the kids had to be back in school. So our days were a round of game drives in Kruger, coming back to enjoy the swimming pool & eating/drinking to excess! Some afternoons we went to the nearby  Protea Hotel & enjoyed sun downers & watched the sunset. There were always other people around & the kids enjoyed themselves there.

Nikki, Gabriel, Peaches & Justin

The terrible twosome!

 A quieter moment.

Time for bed!


Carol & me

The Manleys

Somebody else is travelling 
with children!

All this animal viewing is very tough for some!

Barred Owlet

Bronze-winged Courser in my driveway!

 One of the highlights of the trip!

Thick-tailed Bushbaby 
above our veranda.

Carol & I drove everyone back to the airport to catch their flight, then we went on to Dullstroom, where we found a nice place to stay & enjoyed a good evening meal with a few drinks. The next day we continued home through the scenic uplands & dropped down into the Sabie river valley. This really is a wonderful drive at this time of year.
After a couple of days at the house we went on safari for a couple of nights to the central area of Kruger at Satara Camp. The accommodation was in a rondeval & very comfortable it was too! One evening meal was interrupted by an African Wildcat coming really close, but I didn't have my camera with me! We saw it the next day with a kitten, but it was too dark for any meaningful photos. 

One more night at the house, pack up & leave. It is always sad to leave, because we never know when we will be back. In Carol’s case this was her last time, she was destined never to see her little home in the bush again. I am comforted by the fact that she loved our time here, it was our special place.

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