Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Birding from Starship Ward!

Many people do not realise, that a Starship hovers on the edge of outerspace, just above Abu Dhabi! It is there to protect us all, from the dark, satanic forces which threaten us, and our very way of life.

Starship Ward - the Mother-orno-ship! 
 But friends, do not be fearful, of this deadly menace, because here is a man among us, who is of such a powerful stature, (he is a man among boys) that he has command of this fine vessel. His name is not widely known. It is often uttered, in hushed, reverential tones. I can now reveal this person's name, it is of course, the mystery man, Commander A! People have speculated for many years what this A, actually stands for. Some have speculated rather unkindly, but I can now cast aside these evil rumours and name him as he truely is! It is of course, Commander Andrew!

Waiting to be beamed up,
 by the great one!

This colossus among men, not only has the lives of us all, in his power, but is the secret commander of a  super secret, piece of technology, that is proudly named, the Super Human Inter-Galectical Transport System (SHITS). He holds SHITS in his hands! (Really)! What is not widely realised, among the uninformed masses, is that he is a secret birder! Today, I was the proud recipitant of his largesse. He used this super-duper, piece of modern hardware, to transport me directly to my most wanted birds. This is how it works: I hold the SHITS tele-transponder to my ear. (Yuck)! I request Buff-bellied Pipit and quicker than you can say Andrew Ward, one is tranported across the universe directly onto one's most needed bird. As my molecules reassembled themselves, my eyes cleared and there, in front of me, were 2 Buff-bellied Pipits, strutting their stuff, among their more common brethren. So, my friends I can reveal to you all, that SHITS works!
Maybe this was a fluke? I had to find out! I again put my SHITS to my ear. My request this time, was something entirely different, a wintering European Nightjar! Impossible, in January, I hear you cry! But, Commander A did his stuff! I was transported across time & space, directly under my target bird. And target bird it proved to be, as I shook my head, to clear my vision, (as I thought I might have a few molecules missing)! But, behold, there was a more mundane reason, for my lack of clarity. I wiped the nightjar shit from my eye!

European Nightjar - minus it's head!
Do you think the great one, used SHIT on this bird?
It certainly used it on me!

It had worked twice now! Could I once again place pressure on the man who had the world's problems squarely on his shoulders? You bet I could, and Commander A, responded. For a third time, I was transported and found myself in the middle of a large bush, with nothing but a Common Nightingale for company! As I extracated my weiry bones from my predicament, a Golden-backed Weaver flashed by. Not in the George Michael sense, of course, but at a rather more normal  level. Three uses of SHITS and four results!

Commander A's Earthly home from home!
Birding in Abu Dhabi -
the new and the even newer!

Me - exhausted after all that SHIT!
Just waiting for the great one to beam me up
 to the Mother -orno-ship.

Commander A - in an off-duty moment.

I wish to let all know, my deep gratitude to my pink, spandex covered friend (who am I, to comment on his fashion sense)? I am here to praise him! Commander A, we are all in your debt! I have had enough excitement for one day. O, Commander A, please beam me up to the mother orno-ship. You may even want to throw away the key!

4 species added (total 154) and 70kms travelled.

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