Saturday, 21 January 2012

A day out on Al Yazi

Carol, Rob & myself were invited to a little outing on Al Yazi, a very nice, 42 foot cruising boat, which is maintained by Captain Maarten (he needed to take it out for a little spin to turn the engines over, as this boat is not used very often by the owner). Al Yazi means little gazelle in Arabic. I suggested a little trip to Lulu Island. I must admit, that I did have a motive; it is one of the most reliable locations for Grey Hypocolious these days.

Carol, getting used to the good life!

Ann & William: Crew team 1.

Carol & me: Crew team 2.
Captain Maarten.

We all met up at Marina Harbour on Abu Dhabi corniche. Ann & William were also invited and after a few formailities, we set sail. Setting sail is not really the correct terminology, as we cruised for only a few hundred meters, before docking on the far side of Lulu Island.

Our transport for the day.

View of AD Corniche, looking from Lulu Island.

Power boat racing, all part of the birding scene in AD.

 I then set off on my quest to find Hypocolious, not too difficult surely? There were 17 birds present in December. I trudged through the soft sand. Not a sign, infact very few migrants at all: 6 Song Thrush & a European Stonechat being the best. I phoned Oscar, to get the location where he had last seen the birds in December. I trudged again! But then I spotted a fine male, sat on top of a bush. It remained there for a few seconds and when it flew, a female accompanied it. Nice!

It's the one on the left!

Me, with my new toy! (I wish)!

I then rejoined the rest of the party, to discover they had started on the beer, without me! I quickly endevoured to catch up on my companions! We had a very pleasant afternoon, chatting, in a very nice setting. Thank you Maarten, for inviting us.

1 species added (total 195) 70 kms travelled by car & 2 kms travelled by boat!

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