Sunday, 29 January 2012

A Fool’s Errand?

Sometimes you do something and you know its stupid, but you keep on doing it! It makes you wonder doesn’t it? I am of course, talking about supporting the England Cricket Team!

 Since I have been alive, this must be one of the more masachistic things that a true blue-blooded Englishman can do. Over the last forty years or so, we have seen the pride of England, snatch defeat from the jaws of victory time and time again! But Saturday’s play, possibly, hit the new heights of stupidity! After dominating the game for three & half days, we threw it away, in just short of two sessions, after lunch. How is this possible?

Well, I was watching it and I still don’t know! And it all started so well. A nice lay in bed, arrived at the ground to be escorted into our coporate box, complete with tea, coffee, juices and all the little snacks. Nice company in the form of Huw, Marion, Carol, John & Jim.

From left to right: John; Jim; Carol, me and Marion.
Taken just before the Massacre of the Innocents!

Huw, giving me the shifty Welsh stare!
Decoded, this means you are toast mate!

And just a regurgitated owl pellets cough away, Commander Ward, (formerly Mr. Lulu), sitting enjoying the spectacle of the English bowlers bowling really well and dismantling the Pakistan batting line up. So far so good. Then we all enjoyed our first beers of the day and sat down to a pleasant lunch.

Mr. Lulu, smiling, but not for long!

Swan bowling a maiden over.

The Barmy Army in a sober, sombre mood! 

Honest & to the point!

The AD version of The Hill, down under.

Sir Beefy despensing wisdom, in the lunch break.
  Upon resuming our seats (with spectacular views of the ground by the way) it immediately became apparant, that our boys bats had been replaced by sticks of rhubarb and their spines by jelly and custard! Had they been on the sauce at lunchtime as well? The Commander summed it up very well, by saying he was still birdwatching, as he was watching tits on the field of play. I would not disagree with his assessment!

Parus minor
 Parus major, of the South African race!

Captain parus.

John, thinking carefully about giving advice,
 to the poor unfortunates on the field of play!

England needed 145 runs to win, with all wickets intact and a day and half to get them. Piece of cake! No, this turned into humble pie! We all sat there and we cringed. Then we cringed again! The Pakistani supporters couldn’t believe it! Soon the drums were drumming and they were a credit to their team in their generous support. 

Corporate box tickets, means you get VIP Parking.
In AD, this means you get a softer, better class of sand to park upon,
than those other poor, miserable wretchers, that have to park elsewhere.

Andrew Strauss stated to the world’s media that England have to perform better! Never! I can now see why he isn’t a brain surgeon. Now I appeal to you all, if you have ever batted, at any level of cricket, (rounders will do) and ever owned an English Red Setter, then you qualify. Please apply to messers Strauss, Flowers and co & make sure you place a first class stamp on the envelope, as they really need you in a hurry!

Till the next time!

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