Saturday, 14 January 2012

Out and About - a little bit!

A quick dash with Robin, after work, was very enjoyable, but not as quick a dash as last week, which cost him 800 dirhams speeding fine!

Robin, trying to see a Bluethroat!

The weather was perfect and after a few minutes, we spotted a lone Bimaculated Lark, feeding as usual on camel droppings! A nearby Lesser Short-toed Lark was a bit of a bonus for the year list as well.

There is a Bimaculated Lark there somewhere!

 An Arabian Hare was flushed from the fields.

A bit closer than the Bimac!

After dark, we trawled the tracks for nightbirds, but despite perfect conditions, nothing was seen! A total blank! The only thing of note, was a Lesser Jerboa seen swiftly crossing one of the tracks.

2 species added (total 156) and 55kms travelled.

The next day, I was working in Dhabbiya oilfield. An Arabian Horned Viper was in one of the installations. A Ruddy Turnstone was on the beach.

After work (after a tip off from Rob), I was in the MPG's looking at a  Masked Shrike.

Masked Shrike wintering in the MPG's.

A male Eastern Orphean Warbler put on a fine show as well. Rob, had earlier in the day found 2 Masked Shrikes there. Thanks for the phone call Rob!

2 species added (total 158) and 230 kms travelled.

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