Friday, 20 January 2012

Drongo Mania!

I am back in the car, driving once more to Dubai. Along the very same road, I travelled yesterday! The cause, was revealed when I turned on my phone this morning. There were two messages awaiting me from Neil & Simon, they both said the same thing: Black Drongo in Al Barsha Park!
Black Drongo is a very rare bird here in the UAE, so rare infact, that only a handful of birders have actually seen one previously.
 Rob & I sped up the highway. After a little difficulty, we found the park. It didn't really look the kind of place for migrants. But we walked to the spot and there it was, fly-caching from some small trees, right out in the open.

Black Drongo in flight.
Photo courtesy of Khalifa.

We also spotted some other characters, lurking in the shade, just waiting for the right moment. All were hiding behind their rather large lenses.

Huw, Mike & Khalifa,
armed to the teeth with technology!

The drongo proceeded to just keep its distance away from us. But all obtained good views and we could see the field feaures, which separate this species, from the closely related Ashy Drongo, which is also a rather rare visitor to the UAE.

Black Drongo.
Photo courtesy of Khalifa.

On the way home, Rob & I chatted about the fact that we might be the only two birders, to have seen two Black Drongos in the UAE!

1 species added (total 194) 340 kms travelled.

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