Thursday, 26 January 2012

A quick dash to Al Ain.

The end of the working day saw me piling into Robin's car, for a mad dash to Al Ain. Jacky had found a Ruddy Shelduck the other day and I needed it for my year list! We rolled up to the Al Maqam Resort, scanned the first lake, nothing. On to the second, a fishing Osprey (unusual here, as it is so far inland) and even rarer, an Indian Pond Heron. This species being new for my year list. Maybe it had moved to Zakker Pools? So, armed with binoculars, optimism and the newly arrived Huw, we went. Plenty of birds, but not our bird! 2 Common House Martins were scant consolation.

Osprey, very unusual this far inland.

The track to Wadi Tarabat

Wadi Tarabat holds an impressive suite
 of mountain species.

Where is it then?

The Odd Couple: armed to the teeth with technology
and not afraid to use it.
Dangerous men, do not fratenise with them!

As the light was fading, we decided to visit Wadi Tarabat for owls. The weather was decidedly chilly, so cold infact, that no owls turned up! An absolute insane Southern Grey Shrike kept following us around, coming to within a couple of metres of our heads! I have never witnessed this type of behaviour from this species before. Weird!

Southern Grey Shrike
Photo courtesy of Huw Roberts.

2 species added (total 207) 400 kms travelled.

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