Saturday, 7 January 2012

Pick and mix in Abu Dhabi & Dubai.

It was Rowan's last night, with us before she headed back to Brighton University. The whole family went to Chamas in the Intercontinental Hotel. It was a bit of a meat fest, just like Rowan likes it. Not a venue for Andrew & Amanda Ward! Did I mention that she is 20 years old on 10th January! How did that happen? I remember driving through the snow to get Carol to Beverley Hospital in time! Was it really that long ago?

A little bit cheesy, that smile my girl!

Clare, deciding on a desert,
or maybe, two!

Ahmed, looking on!

Carol, the matriarch of the clan,
 looking kind of matriarchal!

A very enjoyable time, meant it was a bit of a late start, the next morn. Nick arrived right on time and we arrived at Dubai Pivot Fields at 10am. Now Nick calls himself Falconbirder. This is well merited, because all he does is talk falcons, look for falcons and talk falcons again! When Neil phoned in news of a male Merlin, he was ready to go! I had to inform him where the location was and the sad fact we were not going there! He was crushed! The combination of him looking to the heavens and me covering the bit underneath, proved to be a bit of a winner!
I get the impression, that not many observers work the fields in the middle of the day. The fields are situated among a mosiac of rich habitats and at the correct time of day-look up! Long-legged Buzzard of the cirtenis race, proved a good sighting, as did immature Crested Honey Buzzard; Black-eared Kite and Shikra. Not a bad haul! 18 Northern Lapwings flew in and 2 Sociable Lapwings proved star performers.

Long-legged Buzzard - the best I can do!

Heavily cropped!

From Al Warsen,
 looking towards International City.

Our next port of call was Al Warsen Lakes. There are always birds to see here. New for the year were Tufted Duck; Squacco Heron & Common Kingfisher. A quick pit stop at Ras al Khor produced 3 Great Spotted Eagles.
We then made a phone call to Mike Barth and arranged to visit his house for the chance of Brahminy Starling. Alas, this wasn't to be. But thanks a lot Mike.

We had to make do with more mundane fare!

Pied Mynahs were quite common
in the surrounding gardens.

We then called it a day, as the promise of cold beer in my garden, lured us away from Dubai! Thanks for your companionship Nick. A good day out.

13 species added (total 150 species). 340 kms travelled.

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